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the never ending march break

It feels like 2020/quarantine/covid is never going to end. Here's what I'm doing for myself, for self care. And quite frankly, to stay sane.

what I'm writing

Most mornings, I take a few minutes (with a coffee!!) and write in my gratitude journal. This is my most favourite way to make sure my mindset is where I choose it to be each day.

I try and keep it simple so I don't get overwhelmed early in the morning ;)

I start by writing at least five things I'm grateful for. Its easy to be thankful for the big things - house, car, family. I focus on the little things. My cozy coffee, a favourite song on Spotify, one of my kids making me laugh. Focus on the little things that bring you joy and you will see them all day long.

Next I write and say my affirmations. This took a bit of thinking beforehand. At the beginning of the year I set some goals for myself and thought about what kind of person I need to show up as to make them happen. For example, I have a big goal for my business and want to remind myself that I am capable of doing it so one of my affirmations is 'I am capable of doing things on my own.' Then, when something hard comes up during the day I just remind myself, 'I am capable'.

The second way is directly related to a goal, just in a way that makes me want to say YES. For example, I know that working out is good for my physical body, my mind and my emotions. Saying something like, 'I workout 5 times a week' is not exciting and will not get me moving (anyone else?!). Instead I say, 'My body is strong'. Heck yes I will get off the couch to workout and call myself strong! I have ten affirmations I write daily that all work together and add to my awesomeness.

Thats it! You don't even need a special notebook, sometimes I even use my phone.

What I'm Spraying

I recently started practicing yoga. It's kind of weird to me. I feel like it moves so slow and yet I'm often sore after. I like the breathing but sometimes I get bored and check emails while in chair pose - and then usually fall over. Why do people like it so much? I don't know, but I can't stop.

I've been yoga-ing so much I made a spray to keep it clean and smelling like sunshine.

I filled a spray bottle 3/4 with water and added a pinch of salt - that keeps the essential oils from clumping together at the top. I added a few drops of Lavender for the chill factor and Tea Tree for the cleaning factor. I also added a few drops of Sacred Mountain. Spray liberally all over your mat and wipe clean. Fun Fact: Sacred Mountain is known for promoting feelings of strength, empowerment and grounding. I want all of that!


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