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march break break break

What We're Doing

March Break is here and this year, it is SUPER extended! I'm excited to hang out with my kids for three entire weeks. At home. Alone. No, seriously. I really am! We won't be doing our usual hit-up-every-free-activity-in-the-city game, but I did make a last minute run to the grocery store, cart store, hardware store AND liquor store. Come at me March Break Break Break, Im ready for you.

We made a fun list of things to do at home. Some things we're already adjusting (due to being cancelled) and I'm sure we will add more activities as the days go on. And some activities are 100% normal kid things and we gave them a fancy name: Jack Blade Master is really just finding new roller blades for Jack. Things not on the list that I will sneak in: House re-organization #canigetanamen

what we're loading up on

We've been keeping things light at home, but I know this is a serious time for many people. There are so many practical things we can do and I'm playing my Mom Card big time to make them happen. Regular bed time, drinking lots of water, making sure everyone is taking high-quality Supplements (thanks YL!), ditching sugar, lots of sunshine and lots of nutritionally dense food. I've recently started making Elderberry Syrup too!

A study was released going through some of the AMAZING benefits of Elderberry and the flu. Read about it here We've been taking elderberry gummies for years and I wanted to add Essential Oils to them so I found some Organic dried Elderberries on amazon and got to work. It's easy peasy to make your own and you can even use the syrup to make gummies!!

Here's what I did:

In a pot, combine 2 cups Dried Organic Elderberries, 2 Organic Cinnamon sticks, 8 Organic Clove buds, 2 Organic Star Anise and 8 cups filtered Water.

Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered until reduced by half (about 45 minutes).

Remove from heat and strain through a fine mesh sieve.

Let the syrup cool just a bit and then stir in 2 cups Raw Organic Honey and essential oils.

You can add whatever oils you'd like, I used:

10 drops Copaiba Vitality

8 drops Thieves Vitality

4 drops Frankincense Vitality

4 drops Orange Vitality

4 drops Lemon Vitality

Its recommended to consume 1 TBSP daily for adults and 1 TSP daily for kids for normal immune support. When someone is feeling the grossies, we take it 3-4 times a day.

Store in a mason jar in the fridge


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