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It's almost springggg

What I'm Drinking

Okay, I don't want you to think I'm jumping on any bandwagon, but have you tried sipping on bone broth?! It is so dang good. I mean, this is the same broth that I have always made when cooking but I honestly never thought about sipping it plain out of a mug. It's loaded with vitamins, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other nutrients. Its also a source of good gelatine, and your body can break it down into collagen which is good for your joints. And your gut? Bone broth is a good source of amino acids that your body can use to aid in digestion. The best part, I make mine in the InstantPot!! I can dump in all ingredients, press start and walk away.


Chicken bones





Fresh Garlic

Bay Leaves


1 drop Rosemary EO

1 drop Oregano EO

1 drop Thyme EO

What I'm spraying

I'm the kind of girl who washes her hair, lets it air dry and throws it up in a top knot. Everyday. I was always worried I was wrecking it, until I found this recipe. Who doesn't want rich, healthy looking mermaid like hair this summer? This DIY is so easy. We always have a few bottles at our house - in the bathroom, swim bag and my daughters bedroom. Just spray your hair daily (wet or dry hair) and see what happens!

Fun Fact: Mediterranean cultures have been using Rosemary in hair rinses for hundreds of years to promote hair growth!

Mermaid Hairspray

15 drops Lavender EO

15 drops Cedarwood EO

15 drops Rosemary EO


6 oz spray bottle

Add oils and water to spray bottle. Spray your hair liberally each day.

Whatever you're doing on this beautiful weekend, I hope its amazing!


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