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Happy summer

What I'm Doing

It's here!! Summer is finally here!! I'm excited to finally be outside WITH my kids!! We have our Jantzi Summer of Awesome planned and we are ready to rock! Do you make a summer list? We've been doing it for years and I love how it keeps us intentional about making the most of our time together.

We're keeping our list pretty simple this summer, learn to ride a bike, s'mores, beach day, strawberry picking and Mini Golf.

What I'm Rolling

I don't know why, but every summer I just want to stay up as late as I can. I need to savour every possible minute of summer. Sunglasses can hide my tired eyes for a bit, but I get some questionable looks when I'm sporting sunglasses IN the grocery store. Anyway, I'm rolling this under eye serum nightly to save the world from my tired eyes.

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